Our People

Chappell Builders

Chappell Builders have operated in the commercial construction sector of the South Australian building industry for over 50 years. Started by the Chappell family in 1963, the business has engaged with new and repeat clients across all sectors of the market, knowing they could rely on us to deliver their projects on time and on budget.

Chappell Builders has since become one of South Australia’s most respected builders. Through the highs and lows of the construction industry, Chappell Builders have remained focused on the market in which they have the most to offer, and remain at a level where customer service, communication and satisfaction are still the number one priority.

Today Chappell Builders still carry the same ideals and values into their construction projects. Regardless of size or nature, every project is constructed in accordance with our quality assurance and safety systems – ensuring a consistent high standard of construction across all our projects.

At Chappell Builders we focus on tailoring our offering to suit the needs of our clients, no project is too small or complex, we aim to offer an efficient commercial building service that provides outstanding value for money – giving clients peace of mind.

Our People

Matt Sanders

With nearly 25 years in the construction industry, Matt has gained experience over a number of sectors across Australia.

Having performed several senior roles across a variety of contract methods, Matt’s vast experience and personable nature has seen him provide mentoring and management to large teams producing highly technical and complex projects.

Matt joined the BADGE Group in 2015 as Project Director on several high-profile projects and has continued in that vein, bringing teams together to successfully complete some of the most challenging construction in the company’s recent history.

Quickly building a reputation within the BADGE Group as a reliable and detail-oriented construction professional, Matt was seconded to Chappell Builders to complete works at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. His time at Chappell made a notable impact and in August 2017 with the departure of Bradley to the BADGE Group’s Brisbane office, Matt was appointed Manager.

Matt’s  role sees him work closely with his team to continue to deliver the quality projects that clients can expect from the efficient and personalised operation that is Chappell Builders.