Noarlunga Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit

The Noarlunga Hospital Renal Dialysis Upgrade consisted of stripping out an old administration area and fitting out a new Renal Dialysis Ward, while working in a fully operational facility.

Considerable thought and process were required to effectively decommission the redundant services in the area while still servicing critical infrastructure throughout the hospital. Significant services upgrades were a key focus of the project which required a high level of coordination working through an old timber roof structure.

The project team worked holistically to ensure that the integration of services and architectural elements met the client’s needs. The facility has come to life with an array of varying finishes that complement the space.

The expanded facility will provide additional services for essential lifesaving treatment to Adelaide’s South. A rewarding project to be a part of.

  • Medical personnel in the Renal Dialysis Unit, Noarlunga Hospital
  • Ward, Renal Dialysis Unit, Noarlunga Hospital
  • Dialysis treatment room, Renal Dialysis Unit, Noarlunga Hospital
  • Enquiries desk in the Renal Dialysis Unit, Noarlunga Hospital